Do You Know What Types of Food Need to Avoid During Pregnancy?

Healthy food is crucial for the baby development and easy pregnancy. There are important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to sustain the pregnancy, but also the baby needs for normal growth and development. You know what they say that when a woman is pregnant and she wants to eat something, she must eat it, but there are some foods that may be harmful and future mommies should avoid. However, you need to pay attention what types of food to avoid during pregnancy.

Undercooked Meat

There is a risk when eating raw meat of coliform bacteria, like toxoplasmosis and salmonella. Uncooked meat may contain these bacteria. It is best to eat clean and well-prepared meat. Slow cooked meat contains no bacteria. Also, be careful where you buy the meat.

undercooked food

Delicatessen Product of Meat

Listeria can be found in deli meat. Listeria can be transferred to the baby and poison him. If you can’t resist deli meat, make sure you reheat it until steaming. But it is best to avoid it.

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Some Types of Fish

Shark, swordfish, mackerel and tilefish contain mercury. So, not all fish are dangerous, only the ones that contain mercury. Tuna and Sushi also, although it contains small amounts of it, it is best to avoid it. High levels of mercury lead to brain damage and developmental delays. If the future mommy wants to eat fish, she should check the mercury levels in it first.


Refrigerated Seafood

Listeria can also be found in smoked seafood. Mainly in refrigerated, smoked or labeled as lox, kippered or jerky. Canned or shelf safe are safe, also used as ingredients in meals that are cooked.Oysters, clams, mussels are best to eat cooked. Cooking kills all the germs so you can be safe from bacteria. But it does not affect algae-related infections, like red tides. So, whether cooked or not, it is not safe to eat while pregnant.


Fish From Polluted Waters

Avoid fish from polluted lakes or areas where the water is polluted. Fish like these may be bluefish, striped bass, salmon, pike, walleye. This goes only for the fish you know are caught in the local area, not the ones you buy in a store or market. You should contact the Environmental Protection Agency to find out which fish could be


Undercooked Eggs

Some eggs may contain salmonella. So, every meal prepared with raw eggs, like Ceaser dressing, mayonnaise, homemade ice cream and hollandaise sauce can contain salmonella. Cooking the eggs kills the bacteria. When in the restaurant, ask if they use pasteurized eggs for the dressings.Food which contains raw eggs needs to avoid.


Types of Cheese

Soft cheese may contain listeria. Cheese like Camembert, Roquefort, Feta, Gorgonzola and Mexican style cheese may all contain listeria. But soft cheese made with pasteurized milk are safe to eat because the listeria is killed when pasteurizing.


Unpasteurized Milk

No, not all milk. Only the unpasteurized. A risk of listeria.


High Level of Caffeine

Caffeine should be limited to less than 200mg per day during pregnancy. It may lead to miscarriage. It is a strong diuretic (reduces fluids from the body). This can lead to water and calcium loss, which are important for the development of the baby.


Consuming Alcohol

No amount of alcohol is permitted during pregnancy. Alcohol harms the baby development and can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. You must avoid drinking while pregnant and breastfeeding. It is not a big problem if you drank before you realized you are pregnant, just avoid it afterward.


Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables

Pregnant or not, we must wash the fruits and vegetables before eating. There is a risk of toxoplasmosis contamination. Toxoplasmosis can be found in the soil where the plants are grown.


PS.  Everyone’s bodies are different (DNA), and everyone’s babies are different (DNA)  around the world. So, it is important to not take any risks if possible during pregnancy.

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