Toddler’s Games : That Will Make Memories With Your Child

Toddler’s games and activities

The full-time job of never ending love, cuddles, teaching, learning, growing and experiencing life on a whole new level, does not have to be always so serious. Our children love playing games. Whatever age they are they just love to play, because they learn and gain skill through games. Toddler’s games are very important for future life. So, let’s not waste our time and leave it all to the daycare or to the nanny. Let ourselves enjoy our toddler’s games, spend more time with our children and be there while they learn and experience new things.

Get dirty – do not get angry when your child rubs its hands off of you. Do not yell. Don’t show you’re nervous. When they do this, it is fun for them. Their hands are dirty and they need you to make them clean, so they run to you and rub their hands off of you. Then next things you know, you are dirty and they are laughing. This is how they learn cause and result. Just smile back and wash it afterward.

Storytime – reading to your child enhances their memory and increases their vocabulary. It is the best time of the day. We’re in bed, hugging and reading stories. The toddlers hear new words, remembers them, which improves future education. Reading stories to our children makes them love books and enjoy their education.

Dance – everybody loves to dance. I mean, is there any better toddler’s games than this? It’s recreational, good for physical health. Great for mental health, because of the enjoyment in music and learning new moves. It also creates a special bond between the parent and the child.

Hide and seek – can you think of a more fun toddler’s games than this? Just think of the face of your child when it is looking for you hearing your voice and when they find you? Happy happy.

Rock for sleep – yes, it might sound strange, since the child is a toddler, but it makes the toddler feel more safe and reliant in you.

Jump on the bed – a simple act of rebellion means that the child can feel freedom. And when you see the smile on their face, oh priceless.

toddler’s games

Nature walk – play a teacher and student game. Go outside and explain the toddler about the rocks, flowers, animals, and let them as you all kinds of questions about nature. This will make them feel more confident.

Toddler date – this is a great toddler’s games to make a memory. Organize a father-daughter date. This will make her feel appreciated and confident.

Piggyback rides – giddy up there! Make the toddler feel reliant on you and make them laugh their heart out.

Snuggle – oh, those long cuddles. Is there a better time of the day than when you fully give your heart out? You don’t have to wait for bedtime. Do it when you feel it.

Whiff after bath – create a smell memory. Smell your baby’s hair after giving them a bath. Nothing better than a memory of a loving smell.

Tickle –toddler’s games and one of their favorite. Making them smile and laugh while showing love and affection. And letting them make us smile too is also very important. Let them have fun. You too have fun with them.

This is an extra video about developmental games very good for toddlers:

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