Impressive Tricks That Really Work To Improve Toddler Discipline

Toddler discipline and Behavior

Can’t deal with your toddler’s behavior? Here are some discipline tricks that really work:


One benefit trick for toddler discipline and behavior. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand hat our toddler is telling us. The use short words, mumble sometimes and we struggle to understand what they are trying to say. For example, when they say “nana”, do they mean “banana” or “nanny”? To deal with this kind of situation, we need to spend more time with our children, talk to them more, use short phrases and words and try to recognize their tone of voice. We need to give names to their emotions, like “you seem upset”, or “you’re very happy”. This way the child will label the feelings and internalize the words.You are with him and keep work to improve toddler discipline and behavior.


Toddlers find something that fascinates them and then talks about all the time. They even drink, sleep and eat on that subject. Being a champion will encourage them to be more confident and more interested in anything. They not only ask a million questions but tell a million things about what they are interested in. So, go on, cheer on your child to want to learn more about the world around him. For example, if your child is interested in a soccer player, take him and visit any football club stadium.That can stimulate toddler discipline, and make him happier.

Being a Supervisor

This is a situation where you take the control, but the child thinks that he has it. For example, you read the same book every night, in the same tone of voice, in order to make him sleep. The child thinks he makes you do something, but in fact, you are making him sleep. They enjoy it and you are in charge. They don’t know what time of the day it is, so making something a routine will make them feel safe.

Make his unique style

So, your child wants to wear that new t-shirt you bought her last week? With every single outfit? Over every other shirt? And the tiara too? Well, you don’t want to mess with that. If you interrupt her and don’t let her wear that, the child will feel insulted. The fact that she chooses her outfit says that she is very independent and confident. You could only act as a stylist and help her by pointing out some clothes. Draw her attention to some weather appropriate clothes and compliment them. This way you compliment her and showing she would look fabulous in them without freezing.
toddler discipline and behavior

Role of teacher

Use the power of suggestion. Don’t act bossy around your child. Repeat something they need to do more times so that they don’t feel ruled. Be calm all the time. Make her think she gave you the idea to do something. For example, say something like “Oh, remember the last time we went to the mall? You went pee-pee before we went there, and you felt free all the time. What a great thing that you thought of it!”. This way, the child will think that the last time she did something smart which was her idea, and will want to do it again this time without you even telling her to do.


Keeping up everything is hard with a toddler. You need to start earlier and be prepared to finish later. Because they want to do things on the way. Yes, they do. They want to play when you put clothes on them, they want to pet the dog on the street. And they will scream if you don’t let them. So, stay close to your child and if you can, physically block any distraction. Like the dog on the street, the child won’t be able to see the dog if you stand in the way.

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