Pleasant Ways How To Deal With Toddler Day Dare

You need to pay attention to toddler day care, very important part of toddler development.We know all toddler wants our attention all the time. Is your toddler constantly seeking your attention? Is she/he very dramatic when you’re gone and always in your arms when you’re near? Yes, constantly trying to control every move you make. Be careful separation anxiety at this age could be high, so don’t ever push her away.

So, why do children at this age become so mommy – focused?

Children at this age are biologically programmed to stay close to you. Her/His demands and crying to keep you close are not at all manipulative. She/He does great at daycare and with her father, but she/he is mostly attached to you. Well, because you’re the mom, you carried her for nine months.

So, understand that she is not manipulative at all. Don’t ever try punishment, time out or yelling. These might work in quieting her/him, but her/his needs won’t be satisfied and it will make the situation even worse afterward. Don’t feel resentment, but feel empathy. You used to be like this when you were her/his age. So, stick with her/him.Even when she/he is in daycare, she still misses you. She/He cannot decode and express her/his feelings because her/his prefrontal cortex is still immature, but she/he feels and needs to show it somehow. In any ways, you’re parenting a child in an age when it desperately needs you.But this does not mean that you should quit your job or drop everything you’re doing. You just need to spend more time with her/him. This is only a stage of toddler day care.

Here are some ideas to make it easier for both of you:

Cut the cooking time

You don’t have to spend too much time on cooking. Keep it simple. I mean, healthy but simple. Instead of chopping and sautéing for hours, just prepare something more simple and go spend time with your child.

Special moments

Make special moments with the child. Meaning, escape from the rest of the world. Make time only for her/him. Turn off the phone, the TV, go out, or even stay at home. You can read a book, play with toys, pretend to be animals, run around. Make most of this time. Smile a lot, hug a lot, have lots of fun and show your love.

Watch some cartoons

Instead of watching the news or some series on TV and neglecting her/him during that time, choose some cartoon and watch it with her.You know for sure which cartoon she likes, make her happier.
toddler daycare

Bath time – love time

Use the time in the bath for showing love. You could play games, massage, cuddle her/him.Even after all these, your child will still cry for you. And this is normal. Do not panic. Do not show nervousness, stay calm. She/He cries because her/His brain is accepting the change. It is not normal though to start hysterically crying. Hysteria is a sign if true disturbance which is not healthy for her.

But during the normal crying, you can mumble sweet things, songs. You must show understanding and kindness. Do not show resentfulness. This is very important. She/He can feel what you feel. So, if you are nervous and resentful she will feel it. And won’t stop the crying. She/He will feel even worse, neglected.She/He also feels when you don’t feel very well. You also need to take care of your health. Taking care of you means taking care of her also.Toddler day care will be your the easiest routine.

These ways are your benefits, and below on this video you can watch opposite effects:

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