What You Need To Know For Third Semester Pregnancy?

Signs and symptoms of the third semester pregnancy

Just a few more weeks to go before the great day, and these days can be very challenging in the third semester pregnancy. Expecting every day with lots of changes of the body is a kind of a difficult situation. That is why in this article we will present to you the normal and abnormal symptoms of the trimester so that you know what to expect and when to go to the doctor.

Body changes

There are lots of changes your body will experience. Plenty of symptoms you have never had before. But there is no space for fear. Most of the symptoms are normal and every pregnant woman experiences them.

Pain in the back 

All the extra weight during of the third semester pregnancy you have in your belly and the preparation of the hips and the pelvis for birth make your back feel sore and with pain. You can help yourself with sleeping on one side with pillows tucked between your legs, by wearing comfortable no heels shoes, and if this still doesn’t help, ask the doctor if you can take acetaminophen.

third semester pregnancy


Now bleeding is a serious symptom that should not occur. This may be a sign of some serious prenatal conditions that can be very harmful to you and your baby, like placenta previa, placental abruption, or even preterm labor.

Bigger breasts

As you get closer to the end of the third semester pregnancy, breasts grow much bigger. Make sure you get a new comfortable bra that supports your back as well as your breasts. You may notice a yellowish fluid coming out of the nipples, which is colostrum, a substance that is very important for the baby to be fed with when it’s born.

Vaginal discharge 

This is the time when your genitals experience the greatest changes, so discharge is normal. But it is normal as long as it is not a heavy flow and it doesn’t smell bad or has green or brown color. A sudden heavy watery flow means that the water has broken, which is the first sign of labor.


You are not a single organism now, so this is normal. As they say, you eat for two, but you also spend energy for two. Constant peeing and not regular metabolism is also a cause for fatigue. You need to eat healthy and regularly, take more naps and breaks during the day and relax whenever you can.

Heartburn and constipation 

The excessive production of progesterone slows down metabolism and relaxes soft muscles like the ones of the esophagus. Eat more frequent small meals throughout the day and take more fibers to avoid constipation. If heartburn and constipation are really bothering you, then ask your doctor if you could take any medication.


The weight of the third semester pregnancy affects the veins of the anus also. You need to take proper hygiene for them. Wash immediately after going to the bathroom and if you can, try sitting in a warm tub or sitz bath. Eat more liquid food and fruit and vegetables. Avoid fast food.

Shortness of breath

The rise of the uterus makes it to sit under the ribcage and leaving less space for the lungs to expand. Propping you head and shoulders while sleeping can help.

Varicose veins 

Extra circulation and swelling are the reason for varicose veins. There is no way to avoid this, but there are some steps you can take to make it easier. Try walking more, wear supporting hoses and popping your legs up whenever you can.

Weight gain and swelling

It is normal to gain ½ to 1 pound a week in third semester pregnancy. All the extra weight you gain goes into the breasts, amniotic fluid and fat, and not in your baby. The doctor will check the growth of the baby and tell you what to do to gain proper weight. Swelling in the ankles and face is normal. To reduce the swelling walk more. A sudden onset of swelling is dangerous because it may be a sign of preeclampsia.

Very dangerous symptoms:

-severe nausea and vomiting
-pain or burn during urination
-too much or too little weight gain
-abdominal cramps or pain

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