Summer Pregnancy : Ultimate Guide That Will Help You Feel More Comfortable During Summer

How to protect yourself during of  summer pregnancy?

While you are in summer pregnancy it’s exhausting, isn’t it? I mean, being pregnant during summer. Well, it doesn’t have to be. You can do something to make ourselves feel better. In fact, we can do a lot of stuff to make us feel better. Here are some advices to be free and comfortable all summer long:

Don’t dress up much – yes, show your gorgeous mommy to be a body. You can wear all kinds of slim fitting tanks, body skimming tees, sundresses and everything that makes you look beautiful. Don’t forget to always apply sunscreen lotion before going out in the sun. Avoid going out when it is too hot.

Drink up – everyone needs more fluids during summer. And pregnant women, they need even more. And by fluids, I mean water and all kinds of freshly squeezed fruits. Avoid drinking coffee and tea and don’t wait to get thirsty to drink. Our bodies evaporate and sweat a lot more during summer so always have a glass of water beside you.

Wear sunglasses – you can treat yourself and buy some new pair of fabulous sunglasses. Feel sexy, feel confident.

Get out of town – whether it’s a beach holiday, or a woods weekend, it is always good to make one “just the two of us” flying. Just go somewhere near your hometown and don’t stress about anything. Forget everyone and every problem. Enjoy yourself and your love.

summer pregnancy

Wear safer shoes – there are plenty of nice sandals you can find. Sandals to provide you with a good support to your legs and back. The hormones during summer pregnancy and during nine months pregnancy make our ligaments and tendons stretch more for birth preparation. You’re wearing more weight than before, so good support is extremely important while summer pregnancy.

Plan the stroller route – getting out of the house for a long walk is a very good idea. It cheers us up, improves circulation and prevents swelling. It also makes us forget about problems. You can walk to a park, baby shops or on the beach.

Sunscreen – like I mentioned earlier in the article, always apply sunscreen before going out daily. The estrogen levels in our bodies make you more susceptible to melasma – dark patches on our skin. Use sunscreens with higher UV filter.

New haircut – can’t keep up with the long hair anymore? The weather is too hot to do our hair and spend hours on it. So, go get a new chic haircut. Something that will be a lot easier to maintain and you feel more comfortable during summer pregnancy.

Swim – swimming is the best therapy for everything. It relieves us from stress, relieves our back pain and makes us stronger. It also keeps safe from overheating. But be careful don’t swim when it’s too hot.

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Satisfy your cravings – it’s always ok to take more calories while you’re pregnant. Besides, your body needs them. So, treat yourself with a BBQ or you favorite ice cream.

Avoid salt – yes, eating salty foods causes water retention which makes you even more bloated and swelling. Also, avoid foods that contain sodium, like packaged foods.

Organize the office – make the office more bearable by organizing it and make it more fun. You can put some small green plant, extra water bottles.

Organize the social calendar – organize activities closer to home. When you want to see someone, invite them over. Don’t go driving for an hour. It is exhausting. Also, know it is completely ok to turn down some plan when you don’t feel right to do it.

Stay cool while summer pregnancy – hot flashes now and then? Even more often? Yes, I understand. But don’t get nervous. It is normal. Just stay cool and stay in a cool place. Wear more comfortable breathable clothes.

Practice picnic safety – picnic is always a good idea. But be careful which food you choose for the picnic. You already know what is safe to eat and which foods may contain bacteria or viruses.

ENJOY- making it a mission to enjoy yourself in those pregnant days. you already read and learned everything about pregnancy. So, don’t stress over anything and just enjoy those blessed days. Treat yourself with whatever you like because you know you deserve it.

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