The Great Milestone: How To Do a Successful Potty Training?

Successful potty training

The best age to start potty training is 2 years old, maybe 2,6. If you start earlier, training will take longer time.

However, you need to ask yourself these questions:

-is my child interested in the potty or the toilet?
-is my child interested in wearing underwear?
-can my child follow directions?
-does my child tell me when it needs to go?
-does my child stay dry for more than 2 hours during the day?
-is your child complain about wet diapers?
-can my child put on and pull down the pants?
-can my child sit on and rise from the potty?

If the answer to the most of the questions is yes, then your child is ready.Just follow these simple rules and your child will be ready in a few months.

potty training

First-time potty

Put the potty near the child. You can put it in the bathroom or in the room where your child spends most of his time. Encourage your child to sit on the potty. Make sure its feet rest firmly on the ground. Teach him how to talk about going to the potty. Use simple, clear terms. Let the child see family members using the toilet. Explain and show the purpose of the toilet.Several potty breaks during the day could do. Let them sit on the potty for a couple of minutes several times throughout the day. If it is a boy, don’t rush into a standing position for peeing, let him first learn the sitting position. Let him play with some toy during the process. When you are away from home, use a portable potty.

React fast

When you notice your child squirming or holding the genital area, take him to the potty. Help the child be familiar with these signals so that it will know when to go. Teach the girl how to wipe: from the genital area to the rectum, to prevent bringing germs to the vagina.

Reinforce the process

You can use stickers, some phrases: “great job! Just like the big kids!”. Be always positive, even the trip to the potty is not successful, show them they are learning well.Encourage her/nim how that they do the best.

No more diapers

After a couple of weeks of successful potty using, it is time to ditch the diapers. And celebrate the transition. Take him shopping and let him If you decide what underwear he wants. Avoid overalls, belts, leotards.Most children take a time to master night and nap time toilet using. It will take them months to start using the toilet during the night. In the meantime, use disposable pants and mattress covers.But of course, this a part of potty training.

If the child resists the potty training, it means it’s not ready. Try again in a few months.Be prepared for accidents. Keep a change of underwear always. Don’t be nervous, the child doesn’t do it on purpose. Just stay positive and let them know they will do better next time. Use reminders, like telltale signs of holding the genitals. Remind the child to go after waking up, after a meal or snack, before going out or going to bed.

If you notice something wrong contact the doctor. The child should know to use the toilet at the age of 4. If there are more accidents and wetting problems, it might indicate urinary infection or an overactive bladder.

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