Your Partner Will Get Top-Priority Treatment To a Post Pregnancy Period

Benefits of Post Pregnancy Period

Very important is paying attention to post pregnancy period.If you think pregnancy is the hard part of getting a baby, imagine the after birth part. Sleepless nights, running around the house to get all things done. And even if you have more children, watching them, planning their meals. And yes, the moms get to do all of it and will never ask for help. But, mommies, this is not good for you. You need help and you need to accept that. Fathers, instead of buying things for her and the kids or finding a nurse to help her, help her yourself. She will feel much better and loved.And grandmothers, don’t just visit to see the baby. Visit more often and help mommy more.


Moms look like they got it all together, but in fact, they are lonely. Even though they spend all their time with their babies, they are lonely. They need someone to talk to, someone to love them and a friendly face. 30% of new moms experience PPD (postpartum depression). Whether this is the case or not, mothers need friendly face all the time to chat. So, grab some wine and go visit her.

Bring some food

New moms rarely have time for themselves, not even mention cleaning around the house or cook. So, whether it is a home cooked dinner or bought a healthy meal, it is great. The new mommy will have the nutrients she needs and a friend to chat with over dinner.Buying or cooking meal can make you happier during a post pregnancy period.

post pregnancy period

Help with childcare

If it is a mom with one or two other kids except for the baby, offer your help. Go spend some time with the older kids. Find some activity like a trip to the park, go to some playground, to the pool. Something to keep the kids amused and entertained. They will burn energy and sleep better.

Let mommy sleep

Babies cry a lot. New moms sometimes stay up all night or wake up multiple times during the night to watch the baby. This is not only a job for the mom, but of the father also. Let her sleep and go deal with the baby. Even during the day, let her take a nap, or watch TV. She will say no thank you I can handle it, but try offering yourself more and show her you really want to help.This a very helpfull durging post pregnancy period.

Avoid saying “It will pass”

When the baby has trouble sleeping, or with his teeth, or when he’s sick, moms are very frustrated and they know it will pass, but they are doing everything they can to make it better. So, instead of saying “this shall pass”, say “what can I do to help?” Believe me, there are plenty of things you can do to help, even though she may not say at once.

Take care of her health

Instead of noticing how she looks, pay attention on how she feels. There are some problems that might occur after birth: core and pelvic poor health. So, instead of forcing to bring the before baby looks doing all kinds of exercises and diets pay attention to healing. Yes, the mother’s body needs healing after giving birth, especially аfter post pregnancy period.Diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction are invisible conditions. While some women heal well others need rehab and restorative exercises. There are plenty of exercises, but unfortunately, women do exercises only to make them look better that can only worsen the issues. You should take her to pelvic floor therapist. Even if she had caesarean, she did carry the baby for 40 weeks. The therapist will help her do the right exercises and make her feel better and stronger.

Many mothers ignore their own health and focus only on the baby. Help her by paying attention to what she eats, whether she drinks enough water, taking vitamins and minerals enough.


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