Newborn Baby and Absolutely Normal Things

Newborn, delivery, unavoidable sleepless nights and everlasting feedings – most common things your doctor and all the readings have thought you about your new life with the baby. But have they mentioned any of the projectile poop and wandering eyes situations? These two are some of the pretty normal things you’ll encounter on daily basis.


Your first signs, of course, you are worried. Why my baby get dandruff? May you didn’t know but during the pregnancy, your baby has got your hormones. Still nobody knows how that work . First signs of dry skin or pure dehydration cause dandruff or called flakes. Surface parts of the skin come to drying and fall.So it eventually disappears gradually, don`t worry .No doubt you are doing the best way of care for your baby. We have few advises to share whit you. Let see how to treat. There is few natural way. you can use Brushing, natural and organic oil(coconut and olive oil), Moisturize Shampoo. Daily use and treatment can bring improvement and disappearance of dandruff. Combine with a natural product and treat well are the best way. If you notice bigger irritation is required to consult whit your doctor.

newborn dandruff

newborn dandruff


There is nothing more common than this one. You literary haven’t been initiated into parenthood until this explosive surprise of blowing diapers. Many moms have had to deal with baby poop all over the walls around. This newborn poop is liquid which is why it doesn’t need much to be all around you, or all over you. Don’t feel grossed out, it’s your baby getting clean inside.There is no need to worry. As long as the poop is yellow, brown or green and has some seedy particles in it it’s ok. It is not good if you notice blood – then you should immediately visit the pediatrician.


You may notice your baby has large breasts, which doesn’t seem normal at all. But don’t worry. They will be gone in no time. The boobs are a result of the crazy hormones during your pregnancy, which, as you notice, did not only affect you, but also your baby. And yes, it can affect the baby boys also not only the girls.But there is nothing to be concerned about. Unless you notice redness around the baby breasts, this could be a symptom. Then, you must check baby’s temperature, for there will also occur fever. These are symptoms of an inflammation and you need to bring your baby to a pediatrician to be checked and given the proper therapy.


There is much more than the occasional crying and cooing. You will hear grunting, groaning, snorting and all kinds of sounds. These sounds are a result of the mucus being trapped in baby’s nasal and other respiratory passages.No need to worry unless the grunting becomes heavier with each breathing. This means you need to take the baby to doctor right away.


The newborns are very sensitive and aren’t used to the air around them. They will sneeze to get rid of the little particles of the air that aren’t familiar to them, to get rid of extra mucus or fluids in their respiratory system and even if it is exposed to the sunshine.There is no need to worry unless the sneezing is accompanied by wheezing. This might be allergies and you need to take it to the doctor for a treatment.


It is absolutely normal. The baby is going through a lot of developmental changes. There will be a lot of jerky movements in the first months because of reflexes or respond to something new: a new sound, new smell, new taste. It is most common during the first 3 or 4 months. You need to be worried if there are no jerky or spastic movements. This means the baby’s development is not doing good. In this case, you need to speak with your doctor.


Baby’s heads are soft because their bones are not fully formed. The birth process is very tough for both you and the baby. Your pelvic bones might cause some flattening to the baby’s head. If not so, it also might occur later on if the baby is lying on his back most of the time. You must increase putting your baby on his tummy and placing toys around him to play. Also, holding your baby is a great way to avoid this reshaping.No need to worry unless baby’s head feels flat longer in some spots, then talk to your pediatrician about taking helmet to shape its head.


It is a normal thing for the newborns to have swollen genitals. It occurs because of hormone exposure. But this is only extra fluid in the testes or the labia. The baby will pee it off in a few days. babies shed a great amount of fluid in their first days, which makes them lose 10% of their body weight.No need to worry unless the swelling doesn’t go away in a week for baby boys. Boys can develop a condition called hydrocele, so consult your doctor in any case.

newborn baby diapers

newborn baby diapers


If it is a baby girl, it might because of hormone exposure. It is called a “mini period”. It is actually pretty common and will be gone in a few days. Other case is that there might have been a rough movement with the towel which caused a scratch. Or if it is a boy, and has been recently circumcised, the blood might be from the wound. Apply baby oil or Vaseline on the wound and proper baby bath.This will freak you out, which is totally normal. So, in any case, call the pediatrician and explain the situation.


It is normal in the beginning- the first couple of days. There is not enough muscle control in the first days so the focus is not controlled well. It may also be just because of some extra skin over the eyes that creates the illusion of crossed eyes.If the baby shows signs of crossed eyes after six months, visit an oculist to prevent strabismus, amblyopia or lazy eye.

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