Ultimate Guide to Baby Sleep Training That Makes You Everyday Life Easier

Making everyday life easier with baby sleep training

Follow these few simple baby sleep training rules and have a little patience, and you will become a champ! Yes, it is totally possible. Sleep training is best to start by 9 months old. The baby gets more tired during the day and will not have the need to wake up in the middle of the night for food or diapers. You can start baby sleep training at any age of months, but it is best to start when the baby is more “mature”.

 Some important goals you need to put in order to achieve this method:

-Teach the baby how to fall asleep on its own
-Teach the baby to spend the night without a bottle
-Institute a consisted bed time

baby sleeping training

Time and Routine

But also, you need to follow some rules and be persistent in them so that the baby gets used to the baby sleep training and accept it.Put the baby in her bed when it’s tired but still awake. This gives the baby time to self – soothe in the bed.

Make baby’s room her own room with all her things and smell and find some white noise to keep her calm. You can use music, but then the baby will get used to it and would not ménage to sleep without it. Use some fan with low volume.Find some secure object for the baby. You know teddy bears are children’s best friends. You can also try to use some other soft toys or a blanket.

Make a routine. Some people do bath, food, stories and bed. Other people do reverse. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what suits you and your baby.Wake the baby at the same time every morning. Let the baby sleep for 8 hours and then wake it up. If you have daycare person, then it is settled. But, if you are on your own, then set the alarm.Adopt nap schedule. Let her do 2 or 3 naps a day of equal time, but never after 4 pm. Naps improve baby’s mood. Naps should last for an hour the most.

Alternate the time of sitting with the baby and the time you leave it alone. Don’t pick it up when it cries. Try sitting by her bed for 10 minutes, then leave the room for 15 minutes. Eventually, it will fall asleep.

Advance Tips

There are some things you need to know in advance. But don’t lose hope. Hearing your baby cry and being determined to not pick it up is very hard. But when you know your baby is well fed, changed diapers and clean, you will feel better. Share the bedtime routine with your partner. This is a responsibility for both of you. There will be hard times. The baby might feel scared in the first couple of days, and make you feel guilty. But this is normal. Don’t overreact and keep what you’re doing. The baby might skip naps because of being scared, but don’t give up.

Do your best to keep the bedtime routine. If you decided to put the baby to sleep at 8 every night, then keep up to the schedule. Don’t let anything get in the way. Cancel other things and work to keep the baby feel normal and safe.Sleep training is completely worth it if you keep up to it. It is good and healthy for both the parents and child. You are not going to be a bad parent if set up rules. These rules make the baby healthy. A well-slept baby makes a well-slept parent.

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