You Must Have These Baby Products For The First Year

Essential baby products

Aren’t you just too excited for the baby? You go and buy everything you see. But which baby products are the most important and necessary things for clothing, bath, and feeding?


Clothes for children are sized by age, but these sizes vary among brands. Some clothes that have the same size but are different brand may be fit for 3-year-olds but too big for 1-year-olds. So, when you’re looking for clothes for your baby, pay attention to the weight and height guidelines on the clothes. Some children don’t even need newborn size, they go straight to 3 months sized clothes. Babies grow too quick, so don’t buy everything you see, there will be plenty of baby shopping believe me. Look for soft, cotton, comfortable and durable clothes that provide hygiene and enable the child to move. For washing, use baby-friendly detergents.

Here are the basics baby products for the first three months: one piece outfits (super convenient), shirts and bodysuits, leggings, stretchy pants (easy to change), zip zap sweaters, fleece jackets, sweatshirts, pajamas, sleepers. Buy larger size so they can last longer. There is no need for shoes, experts recommend for children not to wear shoes until they start walking because of proper development of the foot and whole legs. Always keep in mind for the clothes to be soft and breathable, comfortable for the child and avoid ribbons, strings, ties and other decorative items that could get wrapped around the baby.


When buying diapers, buy several types of diapers at first because you don’t know if one type may irritate baby’s skin. Always keep in mind that you will need to change the baby 10 to 12 times in the first months. Diapers are one of the most used baby products.

Baby gear

Carrier, stroller and car seat are essential. Always choose a carrier that is comfortable for you and the baby and can be cleaned easily. When choosing the right stroller to think about whether you need it for easy napping, more storage space and whether you will be climbing a lot of stairs. A safety car seat is mandatory. Don’t buy used one, because, over the years, the rules for using car seat have changed. Follow the rules and choose the appropriate car seat.

baby products

Feeding equipment

Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, there is an essential equipment for feeding: nursing pillow, burp clothes, bottles, bottle brushes, breast milk bags and breast pumps.Babies usually start with 4-ounce sizes bottles, but you will need bigger ones when the child begins to drink more. Most parents choose using glass made or stainless steel bottles because plastic bottles contain bisphenol.There will be time when you will need breast pumps and breast milk bags. There is an electric model of breast pump which pulls milk from the two breast simultaneously. You can store the milk in a bag that takes less space in the fridge and can be reused.When the baby gets ready for solid food, you will need highchair, bowls, spoons and sippy cups.


Buy a new crib from a store because it is the safest. You might think that you don’t need a crib, but you do. You will need three to five fitted crib sheets and a waterproof crib mattress pad.


Choose products that are easy on the baby’s skin with no fragrances. A soft hooded towel would be fine to dry the baby after bathing. You can also use washcloths in the tub to prevent the baby sliding.

Baby products for Entertainment

Play mats, pacifiers, bouncy seats, and toys are essential. The bouncy seats bounce up and down when the baby moves. Babies love the motion, but be sure to put the seat in a safe place. There are also soft mats where the baby can play safely on the ground.


Baby products as gates, covers, latches, locks. Safety gates are great for stairs. Keep the outlets covered. Put latches on the cupboards and drawers. Use toilet seat locks because babies can drown in 2 inches of water.

And, finally the most important thing: FIRST AID KIT

For the first aid kit, we need the baby syringe, teething toys, digital thermometer, baby scissors, and clippers.

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