Amazing Advice for Children Emotional Intelligence You Must Try Right Now

In England a few months ago it held a seminar for the emotional intelligence of children. There were attended by neuro-psychiatrists, psychotherapists from all Europe.Let`s see what happened there. A famous doctor, neuro-psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and writer, considers the children a very complex human beings that have the ability to see things better than the grown-ups.

Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

“I believe that a small child sees something more and far better than the grown up man. The child sometimes seems to be looking at our face, but what he really sees is what is inside us, behind our face. You need to working on emotional intelligence

He has a very critical opinion towards the prohibitions and says that they have the opposite effect on the child.The doctor accentuates that the children are curious and hyperactive. They can’t sit in on a place, which is a sign of intelligence and not of disobedience. You need to put attention on emotional intelligence.

If the child is hyperactive, let him be, he is an intelligent and clever human being. The parents think that the calm and obedient child is a “good and clever child”, which in fact indicates that the child is insecure and scared. This doesn’t have to mean that the child is less intelligent. Some people are just very calm. But the children who are hyperactive, are mostly being blamed and told off by their parents because they disobey. But they disobey because of the intelligence not letting him settle for everything he is told.”

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Hyperactivity and Intelligence

This doctor claims that he was never a settled down boy and he wasn’t even a good student.

“I was a medium student in high school. One of my friends, who is now a very famous poet and translator, brought a pigeon to class and let him fly on our hygiene class. He almost got suspended for doing this. But this isn’t something very bad, he did not do something to harm anybody else. Some other children, who did very harm to other children and serious violations, didn’t get suspended and only got less serious punishment.”

Reflection on Feelings

According to the doctor, the child is a very complex being made of many levels.But you still need to work on emotional intelligence.

“The newborn child is very complex, even though it does not seem like it. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but the fetus remembers everything. It is very important that the mother should carry her child with great happiness. The father is also important. They should both equally love the child. The nutrition is not the most important thing for the mother when she is pregnant. It is extremely important how she feels too because she transfers her feelings to the baby too. You see, when the mother is angry, the child is hidden in the back of the womb, and when the mother is happy, the child is going up to the closer to the heart. This is all seen by scientists. Interesting facts for emotional intelligence  which  maybe you didn`t know”

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Giving your love is priceless

He accentuates that the first three years are the most important in children’s lives. These are the years when the roots of his character are formed.

“The child is like a sponge until his 3rd year. This is the time when the mother and father should be crazy in love with each other. Make it 5, not 3 years. It is better to have fewer quarrels so that the baby feels and see the love from his parents. It will keep it inside his memory, so when he grows up he will instinctively know what to look for in a marriage – what he saw and felt during his first 5 years of life.You also can use your experience “

The content is taken from the weekly magazine for parenting. I have to share with you because developing on emotional intelligence is very important for every Parents and Childs.

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