This is Happening When You Have Early Pregnancy Signs and Need to Know

Early Pregnancy Signs

In early pregnancy signs, 29% of women noticed they’re pregnant first by a missing period. But this is not the first at all. Some of the signs are very similar to PMS so a woman may mistake them thinking it is only PMS.The only way to tell you’re pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test. A home pregnancy test needs to be done first thing in the morning when the hCG is most concentrated in the urine. If you see a line indicating, you are most certainly pregnant. These kind of tests are rarely false, but the best way to find out is by visiting the doctor and doing blood tests.Most of the symptoms start appearing after two weeks of conception. The most common of them are:

Morning sickness

It occurs because of the high levels of hCG hormone. Besides nausea, you can also experience vomiting. It can occur not only in the morning but throughout the whole day. You can help yourself by noticing which food or drink makes you even sicker and avoid it. Also, start eating smaller portions of food more often instead of three big meals.

Bloating and sensitivity on the waist

This occurs because of progesterone which is responsible for taking the nutrients from your belly to the baby. The waist sensitivity has a very particular feeling. The digestion is slower and there is also bloating and gassiness. Try eating more dairy products and avoid foods that make you bloated.This is happening on early pregnancy signs.

Breast tenderness

It occurs four weeks after conception. It occurs because of the increased blood flow in the breasts. The breasts grow bigger, they feel sore, heavier and the areolas also get darker, which is not the case in PMS. You should get new bras, some more comfortable made of cotton and with no wires.

pregnancy signs

Late or missed period

When the egg is fertilized, the uterine keeps it inside and the lining becomes thicker. No need to get rid of the lining and the egg. Some women might experience bleeding during the early pregnancy, but you must visit the doctor if this is the case. It is not normal to bleed or to get a period during pregnancy.This is happening on early pregnancy signs.


This occurs because of the more energy consumption during the creating of another human being inside the woman. The change in hormone levels also causes fatigue. The iron in the blood also gets lower, which is another cause for it. Try taking naps more often, eat a lot of iron – rich food and vitamins.

Urinating more often

It occurs three weeks after conception. The increase of hormones also increases circulation. Increased circulation triggers increased kidney work. It is not only in the first trimester but is lasts throughout the whole pregnancy. Do not cut on water in order to not go to the bathroom that often. Keep your body hydrated. Avoid caffeinated drinks.This is happening on early pregnancy signs.

It smells! This tastes different!

85% of women experience a change in smell and taste. Scientists haven’t figured out the real reason yet, so they blame it on the hormones. The hormones do a lot of changes to our body and all these changes affect our senses.Very interesting fact that most women call it the magic of pregnancy.This is happening on early pregnancy signs.

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