Parenting tips – How To Teach Your Children To Ride A Bike?

Teaching children to ride bike always is funny

We know all children want to ride a bike. We all started riding bikes with training wheels. Giving up the training wheels and starting riding without them is a huge exciting step. But doing this requires taking measures in order the child to be safe.

Children equipment

Find a proper fitting helmet. This is the safest measure against death. It keeps their heads safe if they fall. It is found in a recent survey, that most of the parents don’t take helmets for their children when skating, riding a bike, skateboarding. They indicated that they did not use helmets because they did not feel the need for that. Despite all the campaigns for using helmets, they don’t use them.

children ride

Where to start the first training?

Another important thing is to try riding the bike on a grass. There are a lot of examples of children hurt very badly while practicing riding a bike on a street. There are dangerous situations like being hit by a car, falling on the hard ground and getting fractures. This is why it is important to use helmets, knee pads and wrist guards. Choose some place with a flat and soft ground, that is wide and long enough for them to free ride.You don’t want to use a too big bike, or too small.

What kind of bike to choose?

Choose a bike that fits the child. Make sure the child’s feet touch the ground so that they feel safe when they lose balance and don’t fall.
Encourage them. When their siblings or friends go out to ride, encourage them to go with them. Head on with them and teach them how to ride on their own. This could be a fun family activity. Don’t forget the helmets.

children ride

Be patient. There will be a lot of falling. It is hard to learn to keep a balance at first. And the more they fall, the more you need to encourage them.
Here are several short advices for parents to keep their child safe and well all the time:

-Wear properly fitted helmets
-Take them to safe locations for riding
-Follow the traffic rules
-Teach them the traffic rules
-Check if you have the equipment needed
-Ride with them until they feel comfortable to ride on their own

Be aware. Most of the accidents happening to children around the world occur because of inadequate riding bikes. We must teach them. Not only to ride the bike but to properly follow the traffic rules and always wear equipment. It is for their own sake.

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