Children’s Speech And Their Language Development

Stages of children’s language development

Communication is crucial to child’s development. Communication fo children is consisted of speech and language development. Speech is the verbal means of communication and language is using shared rules to put words together and express thoughts and feelings. Acquiring the mother tongue improves the ability of the child to interact and understand people around him. Children are programmed to develop speech.

Developing and acquiring language starts at the earliest age and continues up through childhood and adolescence. Acquiring language starts with mimicking sounds. Babies like to make up sounds on their own, and later they start mimicking. The first word is usually spoken between nine and eighteen months. What is most interesting is, no matter in which language the first word is usually “mama”.We will get laughing many times with their ridiculous pronunciation of wоrds, but that’s part of their language development.

Children in age of 2 years old start expressing up to 300 words and can understand 1000 words. At the age of 3 to preschool, they begin to talk about the past and understand the rules of language and sometimes we are surprised at their memory and language development. Their language becomes similar to the adult ones and they connect thoughts and quantity. In school, they learn to write and read, expand vocabulary, refine grammatical skills and use complexities.

 How to stimulate the child and encourage their language development?

In the early years, you must verbally respond to their vocalizations. Use a lot of songs to communicate and gestures. Point and name the things they see. Use exaggerated voice and a lot of feeling words.

When the child is in preschool, read to them a lot. Expand the vocabulary and use complex sentences. Encourage them to make up stories and help them do that. Talk to them about what they do. Ask them questions about opinions and the things they see.

When they start going to school, don’t give up on teaching them how to communicate. Talk to them about everything. Encourage them to read. Encourage them to watch communicative TV shows and ask them of their opinions about them. When you go out for a family dinner, leave the phones at home and talk during dinner.

language development

If you notice any of these signs during language development, talk to the physician:

-lack of eye contact and attention

-incorrect tough pronunciation

-difficult understanding of simple directions

-difficulties with basic social skills

-lack of interest in reading

-repeating same words over and over again

-lack of empathy

-avoiding conversations

-communicating for one subject only

-no fantasy play

-no sense of humor

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