Child development : Teach Your Child To Not Throwing Food On The Floor

Child development  stage  and throwing  food off

One of the child development stage each child should be pass. It’s all fun and games at first, like the first 5 times, but then it becomes a nightmare. More food on the floor than on the chair and in the baby’s mouth. You get tired of cleaning after every meal. Not only that you wash the dishes and clean the chair, but the whole room is a mess. The floor, the walls the furniture.Throwing food is actually developing fine motor skills. It happens because the baby learns how to control and coordinate. Older babies, from nine up to 12 months, throw food because they learn the cause and the effect of things. “What if I throw the food away? What will then happen?” But when it happens with toddlers, it is completely different. They do this because they want attention and are not satisfied with something. They want to see the reaction with their parents.

Here are some advises on how to stop the food throwing and maintain clean lunch time.

Short reaction

Don’t overreact. Don’t yell and don’t be mad. When your child throws the food, just pick it up and don’t return it to the chair. Children do this to get attention. So, when you pick it up, just say “food must stay on the chair”, then throw the food away. Children learn fast and will know that the next time they throw the food they won’t get it back. Use the same phrase every time and don’t say things that you don’t want to happen. In this development stage, we need patience.

Involve the family

Explain the other children why it is important to not react on food throwing. The other children find it funny and entertaining to watch their younger sibling throw food. So, gather them, explain that it is a normal process and they used to do it too. Tell them to stay really calm and pay no attention to it. Make a challenge, the calmest will win a prize.

child development

Put the chair next to the table

It is very entertaining for the children to see the dog or the cat eating the food they threw on the floor. So, consider ditching the tray and put the chair on the table so that the baby is more focused on the food than on playing with it. The baby will see the other members of the family not playing with the food and will learn more about normal eating. And also, take the pet out when you’re having meals with the family.In this section, we can improve the development of skills for eating.

Maybe a sign

Other than the head turning and tightening lips, this also may be a sign that the baby is full. The child was eating calmly, and all of a sudden it started to throw the food. So, this might be a sign that the child had enough to eat. The parents don’t recognize these signs and they bring the food closer to the child making him eat more because they are scared it will not get enough nutrition. But babies are intuitive eaters. They need as much as they need and as long as they need. We don’t have to push them to eat more. Just offer them more meals during the day.

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