Back Pain During Pregnancy: How To Deal With It ?

Back pain during pregnancy  causes and prevention

50% to 70% of women experience back pain while pregnant. It is a very common syndrome. But, the good news is it is treatable and there are plenty of solutions to deal with the annoying pain during pregnancy


Overweight women and women with prior problems with their back are at most risk to experience back pain during pregnancy. Some women start having pain with the beginning of pregnancy. Doctors believe there are several causes of this kind of pain:

  • Hormones – the hormones our body produces while pregnant take care of the whole pregnancy and carrying the child. This means that they make the ligaments and joints in the pelvic and stomach area more loose so that the baby grows normally and is delivered without difficulties. The loosening up of the ligaments an joints causes less support to the back.
  • Gravity – the growth of the baby makes you change the posture, so when we change posture the gravity affects the parts that haven changed the normal standing during pregnancy.
  • Weight –women gain weight during pregnancy, it is normal, but overweighing yourself can cause other problems besides back pain.
  • Position and movement – poor posture, excessive standing and poor activity (walking) trigger the pain
  • Stress – the back is the weak part of our body during pregnancy due to the many changes in our body, so stress affects the weak parts.

back pain during pregnancy


But luckily, our doctors have also many suggestions for you to get rid of the annoying pain:

  • More walking – take long walks in the park
  • Do not bend over, but squat
  • Ask your health provider what kind of exercises for the back are allowed during pregnancy
  • Wear only comfortable shoes
  • Sleep on the side, not on the back
  • Wear support belt for the belly
  • Plenty of rest
  • Ask for braces or support devices
  • You doctor can prescribe you medications for pain and inflammations
  • Use pillow between your knees while sleeping ON THE SIDE NOT ON THE BACK
  • Go to massage more often


There are significant signs of back pain that are not normal and you need to visit the doctor immediately

  • Severe back pain – may be related to osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or septic arthritis
  • Severe or abrupt onset back pain
  • Rhythmic cramps – this could be a sign of preterm labor
  • Don’t panic, you need to do this:
  • Start exercising program to support the back
  • Take support belt
  • Take support aid pillow
  • Set an appointment at a chiropractor
  • Set an appointment with your doctor

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