Developing Of Newborn Baby’s Vision From Birth To The First Year

Baby’s vision from birth

Babies are born with the ability to see, although they need time to develop vision and focus of their eyes. Baby’s vision is nearsighted and they can’t see distant objects. They can’t accurately move their eyes and use them together to see. There are milestones in baby’s sight that need to be processed so that the baby can have a proper development of sight as well as of mental health. It is important to know these milestones so that you can notice if there are any problems.

Baby’s vision to 4months

Newborns can only see objects from 8 to 10 inches away, which means they can see only you when you hold them. It is difficult for them to track objects, but they can see you and feel you. If you notice their eyes wandering or crossed, don’t worry, it is normal. But, if you notice one eye too much inward or outward, you need to talk to the doctor. From birth to 4 months they start developing hand-eye coordination, so you can notice their eyes moving tracking an object and their hands reaching out. Until the 8th month, they are able to recognize their parent’s face. Put bright colors around them and use toys with bright colors. You will notice their little eyes tracking the toys. Talk to your baby and point out the things you see.

baby’s vision

Baby’s vision from 5monts to 1 year

Baby’s vision improves during 5th to 8th month. They begin to develop depth perception and see far objects. Hand-eye coordination helps the baby pick things up and explore them and start recognizing familiar objects.Up to 1 year old, the baby will start to judge distance well. At this age, babies tend to walk around the room from one side to another and throw things with precision. At this age, babies can see very clearly, focus on moving objects. You need to start playing hide and seek or peek a boo, that’s very good for developing of baby’s vision. Don’t stop with naming objects.

Symptoms of sight and baby’s vision problems

While most babies sight is great and develops accordingly, there are some vision problems that can occur. You need to be aware of the symptoms that indicate vision problems or eye infection:

-excessive tearing
-red eyelids
-eye constantly wandering
-extreme sensitivity to light
-white pupil
-blocked tear ducts
-eye infection
-eye muscle control dysfunction
-elevated eye pressure

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