What No One Tells You About Tummy Time All New Parents Need To Know

Tummy time

Tummy time is very important for the baby. It helps developing the neck muscles in order to easily start crawling and walking. You can adjust the tummy time for the early arrivals also, just by subtracting the weeks your baby was early.

2 weeks old baby

His arms are bent with the hands near shoulders, bootie is up, the baby can turn and lift her head briefly with great effort. You don’t have to delay the tummy time because until the umbilical stump falls off unless advised by doctor. The earlier you start it, the more easily the baby will tolerate it and get used to it.

2 months old baby

It can lift the head briefly, can put their head down on either cheek, also can move the arms away further. It looks like the baby is stronger, but it is actually the stage where the baby is practicing coordination. If it tilts to one side, it means that there is tightness or weakness on one side of the body.

baby tummy time

3 months old baby

The baby holds the head with no bobbing, turn their head to look away, the elbows are beneath the shoulders. The previous turning for food and air is now changed for turning to look left or right.

4 month old baby

Baby lifts arms and looks like it is swimming, can press her arms to lift and hold up. Alternating between keeping up and moving hands indicates that the baby’s coordination is about to start crawling.

5 month old baby

The baby is very active during tummy time, reaches for objects, rolls on the sides and starts pushing up with hands. It starts to play a lot and the baby time lowers down.During this months baby will be very interactive and you need to play more with him.

6-7 months baby

It gets comfortable with hands on the floor and gets a push-up position. Pressing with its hands it strengthens the hands and arms. It’s finger muscles are also well developed.Day by day his muscles will be stronger.

After an age of 7 months, the baby will grow to something more challenging and bigger. It will start crawling and walking. But, first of all, do not stop with the tummy time there. Keep it going. Use it as a play to keep the child interested. It will help the baby to strengthen the neck muscles, strengthen the hands and arms, strengthen the chest and back muscles.

More advice and exercise can watch bellow the following video :

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