Baby Love That is Simple Loves Me For Sure


Baby love and what say a Ph.D. Professor of psychology at the Lehigh University claims that the more care you take of your baby, the more it falls in love with you.I am sure you desperately need feedback after all the sleepless nights and worrying if you’re doing right. No need to worry about that. Here are some explanations about the various kinds of crying and expressions from the baby love that will make you an expert in revealing the message it has for you. The more you understand its messages, the better you will satisfy its needs. This article will help you recognize and respond to your baby’s needs.


Face to face interaction is very important for baby’s understanding.That`s the baby love. All the smiles, meaningful looks, and coy looking away are the basis of the baby’s understanding of your responses to its physical needs. By 4 months old, your baby will be used to it and won’t take her eyes off of you. So don’t be ashamed to use facial expressions too. Smile, grind and respond to your baby’s facial expressions so that it knows you understand it.


A recent study has shown that the short smiles of the babies aren’t just some reflex or involuntary gas. The baby smiles when it sees you or when it recognizes your emotions. It associates your face with something good and comfortable and that is what the smile represents.

baby smiling


When the baby is one year old, it picks a favorite toy – some animal or some blanket. The way it treats this object represents the way you treat your child. You need to show that you care about this toy too. For example, when you put it in the wash, do it in a way that your child controls this action. And make it a pleasant and happy process. This way the bond between you and your baby gets even stronger.


My baby kisses me, oh baby love. Yes, it does. Babies learn about physical affection a lot more than we can imagine and the best way to practice it is of mom and dad. Expect wet smooches on whatever part of you that is closest to the baby. This starts happening when the baby is 1 year old, so prepare yourself for kisses and smooches.


When your baby is about 6 months old, it starts having physical and cognitive abilities to express a pick-me-up expression. This expression is represented by holding their hands up and looking at you. If you don’t respond to this expression, the baby will start crying.


This is the freedom to explore. When your baby starts crawling, it will feel stronger and determined to find out things on its own. Until it feels safe. When it starts to feel insecure, it will run back to you to feel safe again.

baby love


“Gone for a few moments mommy? Oh, here she is back again! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!” Babies feel their emotions much deeper than us. It feels alone when you’re not there and has a bit of a heartbreak, but when you come back, your baby is the happiest person alive. So this is where the cheering when it sees you or hears you comes from.


Babies imitate the behavior of the person they love the most. This goes for you too daddy. So might see your child cooking something or watching TV. Don’t be surprised. It just wants to be like you.

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