Impressive Tips & Activities For Baby And Toddlers Development

Baby activities and their milestones

Having hard times finding activities for your baby? It’s not about just spending time with the child and playing whatever games. We need to use this play time for something in their advantage. They learn very quickly and if we use the appropriate games for their age, it contributes to their normal development, both physical and mental.

Children at the age of 6 to 9 months go through very important milestones in their development and they know to changing activities very fast. To help achieve these milestones normally and on time by having lots of fun and feeling loved, we need to incorporate appropriate games. Here are some of them:

Game and activities

-Tug of war – we need one blanket for this game. We tug the blanket back and forth between us and the child. This is important for the baby’s upper body strength.

-Hide and seek – we need one toy that makes noise. We hide that toy and ask the baby to look for it. Celebrate when the baby finds it.

-Peek a boo – we hide behind the baby and ask them “where is a mommy?” Celebrate again when he turns around to find you.

-Scrunchy scarf – we put the scarf or other fabric in a paper towel tube and encourage the baby to pull it out.

-Tower tumble – this is important for the cause and effect learning. We stack blocks together and encourage the baby to knock them down.

-Sponge – while taking a bath, take several sponges and let him squeeze out the water from them. This is also important for the cause and effect.

-Hats off – put the baby in front of a mirror and take different types of hates. Changing them will be interesting for him and he will develop self-recognition concept.

-Shake shake – give him those shakers to play. You can even make one your own. Use some bottle filled up with rice, but close it well, you don’t want the rice to spill.

baby activities

-Hide in plain sight – challenge their perception by hiding something under a transparent object.

-Hello – Bye – peekaboo – play a peekaboo game with the door. Open the door and enter, say hi, then leave the room and say bye.

-Full basket – fill one basket with the toys they love and let them open it up and take out the toys. The investigation is important.

-Story – read to your child every night.

-Movie – record them on the phone and play it for him to see it. It will help him understand he is a separate individual.

-Magic show – take a jack in the box or roll a ball out of a card board tube. The baby will be delighted and amused.

-Fill the box – take a transparent box or container for toys and show the baby how to fill in the box with the toys.

-Go out –encourage the baby to run, feel the nature and touch the grass, leaves, and rocks.

-Pots and pans – let the baby play with those pots and spoons on the kitchen floor. Ain’t nothing more fun than that.

-Light up – let them turn the lights on and off.

-Three hands – give the baby two toys. One in each hand. Then offer the baby a third toy. It will learn to take one after another.

-Obstacle – put blankets on the floor while he is crawling. It will be more fun and the baby will be more active.

The most important milestones

And why are these games-activities so important for the baby to play? As we said at the beginning, because of the milestones they have at that age. Here are the most important milestones:

  • Starts consuming solid food
  • Sits on his own
  • Crawling
  • Pincer grip to pick up objects
  • Transfers the object from one hand to another
  • Babbles with syllables
  • Uses gestures to express needs
  • Understands object permanence
  • Drops things intentionally to see effect
  • Recognizes people
  • May begin to recognize stranger anxiety

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