What to expect of 1 month old baby?

1 month old baby and what you can expect

The 1 month old baby in the first month of life can be very hard. You learn what she needs, how she reacts, how to feed her, but these change every week. So when you get used to something, it might change in a few days.But baby’s life is very simple. All the baby needs is lots of love, frequent food and sleep and getting her cleaned up. This is where you forget to do other stuff, like laundry, cleaning, cooking. And even if you haven’t forgotten about them, don’t stress to do it. Just ask someone to help you and put all your attention on the baby.Baby’s look changes over time. At first, it might have squeezed nose, cone-shaped head, but these looks are only a result of the birth process. They will be gone in a few weeks.

Reflexes and Senses

The 1 month old baby has several reflexes developed also to protect her: the root reflex, suck reflex, palmar and Moro reflex. The root reflex is for locating the breast or feeding bottle. The suck reflex is for eating, the palmar is when she holds your finger, and the Moro is that jumpy reaction when startled.Baby’s senses are working from the day they are born.The 1month old baby vision is ok, she is able to see 12 inches in front of her. Her/His eyes may be crossed but this is because the muscles that control the eye aren’t developed yet. Her/His hearing is not yet fully developed, but she can recognize her parent’s voice. The taste is slightly developed, she can tell the difference between sweet and bitter. She recognizes her parent’s smell. Her touch is also developed in a way that she understands love through touch, caressing, hugs.


The baby’s muscles aren’t used to the new environment yet, so she keeps her fists, her legs and arms towards her body. When the muscles relax, this will pass.Her genitals may be swollen, but this is because of the mother’s hormones. After a few weeks, the  1 month old baby will get rid of these extra hormones and her organs will get in the shape they need to be.It is normal or the baby to lose weight. Newborns lose 5 to 10 percent of their weight. But this should stop after 5 days.

The Feeding

Much known 1 month old baby sleep a lot. But not all at once. They sleep for 17 hours but wake up every hour to eat and change a diaper. If you are breastfeeding, try sleeping when the baby sleeps. When you put the baby to sleep, make sure it is in 100% safe conditions, clean mattress with no pillows, blankets, animals or toys to reduce the risk of SIDS.Babies eat a lot. 12 times a day. They do poop also about 8 to 12 times a day. When you are breastfeeding, it is normal to not have that enough milk. Nut there are other options than breastfeeding you could try. In any case, you should check with your doctor because breastfeeding is the best for the baby.

A lot of dirty diapers also. You should expect black and sticky poops the first two days. after the intestines are cleaned from meconium, expect regular baby poops. This means yellow, green, brown, very soft even watery.


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